StraxArt™ is where the real worlds of visual art, musical expression and digital reality collide and form something new.

Strax Technologies began with an idea to digitize artwork and grew from there.  One fine day our direction changed with an invitation to look more closely at art and music, and we have never looked back. 

We were all craving a new kind of connection with regard to what we see, hear, and experience - and the relationship between these categories of perception was beginning to change with new and emerging technology that opened new doors. What we see as valuable content and how we consume it is more different than ever before - what was irrelevant a few short years ago is now essential, and vice versa. 

StraxArt™ is changing the way visual art, musical expression, and personal content is experienced around the world. We are a forward-thinking technology company focused on democratizing access to the world's great artists and their artistic expression, and we are just getting started... 

Thank you for coming and please visit often, the content on this site will be ever-changing...

The StraxArt Team